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Research Heightened Utility and Deployment (rHUD)

The rHUD is a staff-level working committee that supports the Innovation and Research Council’s (IRC) Bi-Annual Research Program. The rHUD pulls together research and researchers from across Federal Land Management Agency (FLMA) Partners, FLH (Discipline Champions), and FHWA Research Development and Technology (RD&T). The objective is to define research roadmaps and consequential steps that benefit owners and operators of networks that provide access to and within Public Lands.

The allocation of RD&T funding represents collaborative investment into value-adding projects that answer problems faced by FLMAs, typically problems that address networks that are characteristically less heavily traveled than Interstate highways, and based in the mission of the FLMAs.

The rHUD is a venue to share research resources amongst FLMAs so allocated funding is leveraged wisely toward the unique needs of Partners. Agency Research Programs and Laboratories can be a source of information. Research Libraries are another source.

The major roles of the rHUD are to:

  • Review and provide input on future research proposals to inform IRC decision making
  • Assist with the deployment of completed research, when applicable
  • Convey subject matter expertise

rHUD Activities

The FY25-27 IRC Research Program is open and we are accepting applications in February 2024. The IRC Research Program webpage has information about the application process, including who is eligible for funding and how to apply or nominate a project.

Federal Research Libraries

U.S. DOT, FHWA, and Federal Land Management Agency (FLMA) research libraries that are repositories for research activities and reports that relate to transportation and public lands.

Other Research Programs/Laboratories

Updated: Wednesday, January 31, 2024