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Stewardship and Oversight

The Office of Federal Lands Highway (FLH) works with many Federal Land Management Agency (FLMA) partners to deliver the Federal Lands and Tribal Transportation Program (FLTTP). These partners include other Federal agencies, State Highway agencies, local public agencies, and Tribal governments. FLH is responsible for ensuring the program, and projects are delivered in accordance with Title 23 requirements and other applicable laws. FLH remains responsible for projects that are delivered by partners.

The following documents provide standard operating procedures and working instructions for the execution of the program. These documents are intended to provide the foundation for successful delivery of the program and projects. They are not inclusive of all statutory and regulatory requirements.

Contact Information

Joseph Taylor
Stewardship & Oversight Coordinator
Office of Federal Lands Highway
Phone: 202-366-5301

Updated: Wednesday, November 9, 2022