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Federal Lands Planning Program (FLPP)

The United States depends on a safe and efficient transportation system to strengthen communities, provide access to jobs, services, and centers of trade, and, retain and enhance our economic competitiveness in the global marketplace. The transportation planning process is a forum through which transportation decisions are made to address these issues. The States, Metropolitan Planning Organizations, and Federal Land Management Agencies are required to conduct continuing, comprehensive and collaborative intermodal transportation planning that facilitates the efficient, economic movement of people and goods in all areas.

Title 23 U.S.C. Section 201 requires Federal Lands Highway (FLH), in consultation with the Federal Land Management Agencies (FLMAs), to develop planning procedures that are consistent with metropolitan and statewide planning processes (23 U.S.C. Sections 134 and 135).

The Federal Lands Transportation Planning Program (FLPP) was also established in Title 23 U.S.C. to implement transportation planning for Federal lands and Tribal transportation facilities that are consistent with the Statewide and Metropolitan transportation planning procedures under 23 U.S.C. Sections 134 and 135. The funding of the FLPP is capped at 20% for each fiscal year of the funds authorized under 23 U.S.C. Sections 203 and 204 (Federal Lands Transportation and Federal Lands Access programs). Activities under the Federal Lands Planning Program include: long range transportation plans; performance management activities -- including the development and implementation of safety, bridge, pavement, and congestion management systems; road and bridge inventory; and development and updating of the Transportation Improvement Program.

Related Links

  • The following link provides access to the collaborative Federal Land Management Agency (FLMA) strategic transportation planning support website. This website contains information and guidance in the use of the collaborative visitor transportation survey (CVTS) tool, as well as links to existing FLMA long range transportation plans. The CVTS tool is intended to support the creation of a baseline, and repeatable measures, of how well the FLMA's are meeting visitor's expectations, as outlined in their long range planning strategies.
  • The following links provide access to the Federal Lands Multimodal Catalog, a database of transit and trail systems located within or adjacent to Federal Lands. The data in the catalog can assist Federal Land Management Agencies and State/MPO transportation agencies in making mode choice-based planning decisions for the Federal Lands Transportation Program and in considering and incorporating multimodal transportation strategically through the Federal Lands Access Program.

Transportation Planning Support Services

  • Long Range Transportation Planning
  • Bicycle/Pedestrian Planning
  • Transit Planning
  • Traffic Operations and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)
  • Sustainable Transportation
  • Implementation Planning
  • Unit-Level Planning
  • Asset Management Policies and Procedures
  • Management Systems Development and Maintenance
  • Guidance on Federal Transportation Planning Rules and Regulations
  • Performance Measurement Development and Monitoring
  • National Scenic Byways
  • NEPA Assistance
  • Data Capture/Assembly
  • GIS and Data Integration
  • Geodatabase Development
  • Analysis: Traffic, Demographic, Demand Modeling, Financial, Feasibility, Safety
  • STIP/TIP Development and Coordination
  • Visioning
  • Public Involvement and Outreach
  • Facilitation

Transportation Planning Studies