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Stoddard Bridge

Project Description

Stoddard Pack Bridge is a pedestrian and pack animal crossing over the Salmon River, approximately 0.5 miles downstream of the confluence with the Middle Fork of the Salmon River. The bridge is an important access point into the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness Area. The original 348-foot wooden suspension bridge was replaced in 2014 utilizing the original suspension cables. The replacement bridge collapsed in March 2017 due to rockfall damaging the 35-foot tall south side suspension tower.  A new asymmetric suspension bridge is proposed to replace the damaged bridge and will have the same deck widths of the previous bridge.

Scope of Work

This project will reconstruct the wooden pack bridge that was destroyed by a rockfall event in March of 2017.  The new, proposed asymmetric suspension bridge will be constructed near the site of the previous bridge, but the south tower will move west to avoid higher-risk rockfall potential.  The existing north tower will be reconstructed at the same location.

Anticipated Timeline

  • Project Planning – May 2018
  • Conceptual Design Complete – August 2018
  • National Environmental Protection Act (NEPA), Section 1 Completion – June 2020
  • Plan-In-Hand Design Complete – October 2020
  • Final Design Complete – January 2021
  • Plan Sign-off – May 2021
  • Contract Advertisement - On hold until funding is available.

Project Photos

Project Documents