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Idaho Projects

In Development

Project # Project Name Location
ID LEMHI 93(1) 2L Trail Highway 93 Trail In Salmon
ID FS ERFO 2017(2)-81(1) & ID FS ERFO 2018(1)-81(1) Nez Perce-Clearwater Repairs 2017 and Nez Perce-Clearwater 2018 Repairs, Phase 1 Clearwater County
ID BOUNDARY 5806(1) Riverside Road Improvements Boundary County
ID DOT 21(1) SH-21 Wildlife Overpass at Cervidae Peak, MP 19.3 Boise County
ID DOT 55(2) SH-55 Banks Beach Parking Study Boise County
ID FS ERFO 2017(1)-29(1) Stoddard Bridge 38 miles west of North Fork, Lemhi County
ID CASSIA 972(1) West Milner Road, 700W to 1100W Cassia County
ID CLARK 6805(1) and ID FREMONT 6805(1) Yale-Kilgore Road Clark and Fremont Counties

Under Construction

Project # Project Name Location
ID FS ERFO 2017(2)-80(1) Payette Repairs 2017 Valley County
ID FS SAW T 2017(1) Redfish Lake to Stanley Trail Custer County
ID VALLEY 21(8) Warren Wagon Road, MP 7.9 to 9.7 Valley County


Project # Project Name Location
ID BOISE 24(17) Banks-Lowman Road Boise County
ID STANTH T 2017(1) Henry’s Fork Pedestrian Bridge Feasibility Study St. Anthony
ID PFH 26(4) Ketchum-Challis Highway (Avalanche Repair) Custer County, Sawtooth NRA, Sawtooth National Forest
ID PFH 21(7) Warren Wagon Road Valley County