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CFL Details - FP14

Detail drawings are used on a continuing basis within each division to clarify the work required in the plans. CFL Detail Drawings are arranged by FP section.

The drawings are available in MicroStation (DGN) and Acrobat (PDF) formats.

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157 - Soil Erosion and Sediment Control Date
Acrobat IconC157-50 MicroStation iconSilt Fence 6/2024
Acrobat IconC157-51 MicroStation iconTemporary Inlet Protection 6/2024
Acrobat IconC157-53 MicroStation iconCheck Dam 6/2024
Acrobat IconC157-54 MicroStation iconCheck Dam with Rolled Erosion Control Product 6/2024
Acrobat IconC157-55 MicroStation iconFiber Roll 6/2024
Acrobat IconC157-57 MicroStation iconSlope Drain 6/2024
***157 drawings should not be included in the plan set if paying by the LPSM***
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204 - Excavation and Embankment Date
Acrobat IconC204-50 MicroStation iconEmbankment Benching and Furrow Ditch 6/2024
Acrobat IconC204-51 MicroStation iconSubexcavation 6/2024
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251 - Riprap Date
Acrobat IconC251-50 MicroStation iconPlaced Riprap At Culverts 6/2024
Acrobat IconC251-51 MicroStation iconPlaced Riprap Between Cut and Fill 6/2024
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257 - Contractor-Designed Retaining Walls Date
Acrobat IconC257-50 MicroStation iconContractor Designed Mechanically Stabilized Earth Wall 6/2024
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501 - Minor Concrete Pavement Date
Acrobat IconC501-50 MicroStation iconMinor Cement Concrete Pavement Joints 6/2024
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602 - Culverts and Drains Date
Acrobat IconC602-50 MicroStation icon24" Run Down and Pipe Anchor Assembly 6/2024
Acrobat IconC602-51 MicroStation icon24" Buried Run Down and Pipe Anchor Assembly 6/2024
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606 - Corrugated Metal Spillways Date
Acrobat IconC606-50 MicroStation iconCMP Spillway Assembly with Down Drain 6/2024
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619 - Fence, Gates, Cattle Guards and Bollard Posts Date
Acrobat IconC619-50 MicroStation iconWire Fences with Steel Posts (Type 3) 6/2024
Acrobat IconC619-51 MicroStation iconWire Fences with Wood Posts 6/2024
Acrobat IconC619-52 MicroStation iconCattleguard Gate and Widening 6/2024
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629 - Rolled Erosion Control Products and Cellular Confinement Systems Date
Acrobat IconC629-50 MicroStation iconRolled Erosion Control Product on Slopes 6/2024
Acrobat IconC629-51 MicroStation iconRolled Erosion Control Product in Channels 6/2024
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633 - Permanent Traffic Control Date
Acrobat IconC633-50 MicroStation iconRumble Strip 6/2024
Acrobat IconC633-51 MicroStation iconDelineators 6/2024
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634 - Permanent Pavement Markings Date
Acrobat IconC634-50 MicroStation iconLinear Pavement Markings 6/2024
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