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PWL Pay allows users to input any Percent Within Limits (PWL) acceptance plan, along with the corresponding quality characteristics and their test results. The software then allows the user to compute payment factors; to consider the potential impacts of various changes in the process mean, standard deviation, or both; and to develop and display control charts.

PWL Pay should provide a powerful tool for contractors to use to track their processes, develop control charts, determine payment factors, analyze risks, and make informed decisions necessary to maximize profit while providing agencies with the quality product they desire. The software will provide agencies that do not already have a materials database a simple way of collecting and tracking contractor and agency test data.

PWL Pay can be downloaded by clicking on the link shown below.

After downloading the file, administrative rights are required to install the program. To install the program unzip the downloaded file. You will see three files:

  • PWL-Pay-Users-Manual.pdf
  • PWL Pay Setup ver
  • PWL-Pay-Sample-Database.mdb

Unzip the file PWL Pay Setup ver You will see two files:

  • PWL Pay Setup.msi
  • setup.exe

Double click on the setup.exe file and follow the onscreen instructions.


Updated: Monday, July 29, 2019