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Estimate Forms

EEBACS Account Forms

Use the following forms to request a EEBACS user account. Note that only A/E Contractors and Construction Contractors who are under contract with FLH for an EEBACS project may request an EEBACS user account.

  •  EEBACS-001 - EEBACS Access for A/E Staff and Construction Contractors
  •  EEBACS-002 - EEBACS Access for Government Staff and In-House Contractors
  •  EEBACS-004 - EEBACS User Special Rights Request Form

EEBACS Project Request

Request a new project be placed into EEBACS with:

Summary of Quantities

Use the following spreadsheets to export data from EEBACS into final plan sheets:

Pay Items

Engineer's Estimates

Updated: Thursday, March 24, 2022