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Chapter 9

WFLHD Supplements to PDDM Chapter 9 are available for the following sections:

Section 9.1 - General

9.1.3 Exceptions to Design Standards

Section 9.5 - Other Highway Design Elements

9.5.9 Right-of-Way and Utility Considerations

Section 9.6 - PS&E Development

9.6.1 PS&E Package

  • Supplement 9.6.1-2 Sealing and Signing of Documents Prepared by A/E Firms - specifies the type of documents that are required to be sealed by a licensed professional for highway design, construction, and related services, and the requirements for signing and sealing those documents.

9.6.2 Alternative PS&E Development and Contracting Options

  • Supplement 9.6.2-1 A+B Bidding (Price + Time) - This supplement describes the process for implementing the A+B Bidding contracting method in WFLHD.

9.6.3 PS&E Development at Various Stages of Design

9.6.4 Review

  • Supplement 9.6.4-1 CFT and Partner Milestone Review Procedures - procedures for submitting a project package of plans, specifications, and cost estimate (PS&E package) for review at project milestones, expectations for milestone reviews, and the resolution of comments.
  • Supplement Title Sheet Signatures - guidance for obtaining approval of the project title sheet and preparing a digital version of the final title sheet.
  • Supplement PS&E Package Signoff Process - process for final approval of the PS&E package and hand-off to Acquisitions for preparation of the solicitation package

9.6.5 Plans

  • Supplement 9.6.5-1 Standard Format for Plans - explains the standard format, drafting standards, and organization of the project plans created within and for WFLHD.

9.6.6 Supporting Information

9.6.8 Engineer's Estimate

9.6.9 Specifications

  • Supplement 9.6.9-1 Writing Special Contract Requirements - guidance for creating WFLHD special contract requirements (SCR) for the PS&E package. < FUTURE >

9.6.10 Contract Assembly

9.6.11 Quality Control and Quality Assurance