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Design Procedures Guide

The Design Procedures Guide provides basic guidance, recommended procedures, and instructions for developing and documenting the highway design. This includes fundamental steps for developing the geometric design and preparation of plans, specifications and estimates (PS&E), as well as related information to support the highway construction and subsequent maintenance and operation. These procedures are intended to complement the FLH Project Development and Design Manual (PDDM), and are applicable to new highway construction and reconstruction, as well as Resurfacing, Restoration and Rehabilitation (3R) improvements. Information on how to perform basic design procedures and fundamental steps for performing the design work are typically included in this document instead of the PDDM. Refer to PDDM Chapter 9 for highway design policies, standard practices, and criteria. Additional information for performing basic design procedures, and fundamental steps for the workflow may also be provided by references to other documents.

Refer to FLH Division supplements for more information regarding division specific guidance and design procedures:

Design Procedures Guide (May 2007 Draft) - contains some additional information not included in PDDM Chapter 9. ONLY AVAILABLE WITHIN FLH OFFICES.


Information is arranged by PDDM Section: