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Right-of-Way and Utilities Support

The Right-of-Way & Utilities office is responsible for the administration of acquisition and relocation activities on federal or federally-assisted projects and programs. The office also serves to identify and resolve utility conflicts that occur when accommodating public utilities on highway right-of-way.

This Right-of-Way & Utilities web page is intended to provide standard guidelines for consultants preparing Right-of-Way Plans, Plats and Centerline Descriptions on FLH transportation improvement programs.

It is also intended to serve as a resource for state and local agencies acquiring right of way for Federal Lands Projects. Property owners/occupants, county, state and federal agencies, private consultants, and public utility companies can also access FLH programs and activities through this site.

Right-of-Way Links:

Utilities Links:

  • FHWA Program Guide
    Program Guide for Utility Relocations, Adjustments, and Accommodation on Federal Highway-Aid Highway Projects.
Updated: Monday, March 28, 2022