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EEBACS Responsibilities

TaskIn-House ProjectsA/E Projects
Request project to be created in EEBACSP6 New Project RequestP6 New Project Request
Enter data into EEBACS-0005 Form (using P6 project request) some fields will remain blank and will be completed by the PMAdmin AssistantAdmin Assistant
Complete the EEBACS-0005 Form (any open project information fields and project manager approvalPMPM
Create Project in EEBACSAdmin AssistantAdmin assistant
Input estimate information, including account codes, i.e., CON1, CON2.  Coordinate with the PM to determine how to split the funding among the bid items.DesignerA/E
Request user access (AE projects only)- NA -A/E
Add A/E staff to EEBACS project teams- NA -Admin Assistant
Add project specific pay itemsDesignerA/E
Create Summary of Quantities table from EEBACSDesignerA/E
Create Engineer’s EstimateDesignerA/E
If the project has multiple funding sources, validate the   number of account codes on the PR is equal to the number of accounts (i.e., CON1, CON2) entered in EEBACS.DesignerA/E
QC by Admin Assistant
Compare PDF of Engineer’s Estimate to EEBACS version before promoting to Acquisitions to make sure bottom dollar amount matchesDesignerA/E
QC by Admin Assistant
Resolve discrepancies between EEBACS and PDF versionDesignerPM and A/E
Promote EEBACS project to AcquisitionDesignerAdmin assistant
Resolve EEBACS technical questionsNinh PhanNinh Phan
Updated: Tuesday, March 29, 2022