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Purpose: Provides tips for using EEBACS on WFLHD projects.

The primary source for information about EEBACS is EEBACS User Guide, Chapter 2: Design Module. The following information provides additional information for creating estimates in WFLHD.

Use the EEBACS-005 form to create or copy a new project, or to modify an existing project.  Normally new projects are created during project initiation through; however the WFL EEBACS Design Component Lead (Ninh or the backup, Steve) can also process these forms.

The following screen shots show a project when first created (i.e. the EEBACS-005 form has been processed).

Project Info


Roles: There is an alert (yellow triangle) that roles are missing. On the Team tab assign a "Highway Design Manager" and a "Lead Designer". If the Project Manager will be making changes to the estimate, this role maybe filled out as well, but normally DO NOT assign a Project Manager. The Project Managers are able to view any estimate with their background privileges.

Some of the other Project Information was filled out when the project was created. The Project Number and Name must always match the information in P6 and should not be changed unless it changes in P6.

Press the Edit button to modify the remaining project information. Fill out as much information as is appropriate for the project.



Milestone Name: An estimate will come with the new project. Edit this estimate to be the first estimate. Change the Milestone Namefield, currently "Initial", to match the first project milestone.

Normally DO NOT delete the base estimate as the default settings will be lost.

Name the last milestone "100%" before sending the estimate to Acquisitions.



A "Base" schedule has been set up. It may be edited to suit the needs of the individual projects.

Construction Type: Change this field to the value that most closely matches the project's construction type.

Also replace the current Schedule Description and Schedule Termini values and replace it with the values associated with the particular project.

Line Numbers: EEBACS line numbers are very important during Construction. The default values shown will work for most projects. Reserve lines 6000 to 9999 for use during Construction. If 300 or more pay items per schedule are expected, then change the starting number to 0010 and the increment number to 10. This will allow for almost 600 pay items per schedule.

Column Headers


WFLHD normally uses the 13 column Summary of Quantities. The initial column headers have been set up with some of the normal column headings used in the office. Edit the column headings to suit the project. If a heading is not needed either blank out the column text with spaces, or plan on not showing that particular column in the spreadsheet.

Optionally, use the Allowance column to provide additional quantity used to round the bid quantity to some interval.

See the Summary of Quantities appendix for more information on creating the output and using the spreadsheet.

Other Tabs

Pay Items: Several typical pay items have been included in the default estimate. Modify or delete these as applicable.

Account: A CON01 account is included with the default initial estimate. If there is only one account, this default account can be used without any changes. Additional accounts may be added. It is not recommended adding the actual account number as these are prone to change.