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EEBACS Assistance

For Contract Employees working off-site or Construction Contractor:

Contact your Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR) for all EEBACS issues. They will submit your request, question, or recommendation to the appropriate Service Desk, Component Lead, or EEBACS Division Administrator.

For Contract personnel working in the FLH Division offices and Government employees:

For User Account access issues: Contact 5-HELP for a ticket and request issue be forwarded to your Local Tier 2 Helpdesk. (EEBACS is a Tier 2 System). If emailing 5-HELP, ”cc” your Local IT Service Desk.

For all other EEBACS support (request help, report errors, recommend changes, etc.): Contact your local Component Lead or EEBACS Division Administrator.

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EEBACS Project ManagerDan Sorensen
Updated: Friday, August 4, 2023