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Commenting on PS&E using Acrobat

Step 1 – Opening the file

Dialog on entering fileSelect the file to review; the following window will appear.

  • Select Connect

This connects the comments to the review folder.

User informationThe following Reviewer Information dialog appears:

  • Fill in the information within the dialog box; this records who is leaving the comments.
  • Select OK

NOTE – This information must be filled out otherwise the Shared Commenting will not function.

If the file is opened and states "READ ONLY", this means more access rights are needed to edit the files. Send a 5‐Help ticket to 5‐, cc WFLHD Service Desk (, and ask for access to the I:\PSE-Reviews\ folder.

Do not add, delete, or change the order of pdf pages.
  1. If a page needs to be deleted, make a note on that page.
  2. If the sequence of pages should be changed, make notes on those pages.
  3. Attachment iconIf a page needs to be added, use the attach file function to attach drawings, figures, etc. This is located on the Comment tool bar.
Opening additional windows.

Additional windows may be opened to facilitate the review. From the main menu select
Window > New Window

This is helpful for checking sheet references, details, and for comparing quantities between the B‐sheets and the Tabulation of Quantities.

Step 2 – Checking for New Comments

Check for new commentsTo see if anyone has posted new comments

  • Select Check for New Comments

Comments from userWithin the comment listing, the comments will appear. The new comments will have a BLUE circle next to them with a LOCK symbol. The blue circle will disappear after selecting the comment to review it.

Step 3 – Commenting within the PDF.

Select Comment from the Tools shortcut to see the commenting tools
Comment tool bar

NOTE: Place comments as to not block the content.

Commenting Tools to Use

Add sticky note
Add sticky note
<Ctrl + 6>
Example of sticky note- Good to use for SCR comments. 
- Comment will not show on PDF, but is tabulated within comment summary 
- Users can reply to other user's comments
Add text box
Add text boxExample of text box- Comment will show directly on PDF
Add text callout
Add text callout;
located under Drawing Tools
Drawing tools
Example of text callout- Comment will show directly on PDF 
- Good for calling out specific items that need attention

NOTE: Do NOT use the following commenting tools!

Highlight textHighlight text
Add note to replace text
Add note to replace text
Insert text at cursorInsert text at cursor
Add text commentAdd text comment


Changing Comment Color

Check for new commentsTo change the comment color, right click on the feature, select properties, and change the attributes in the appearance tab. The line style, opacity, and fill properties may also be changed.

Measuring to scale

Select Measure from the Tools shortcut
Measuring tool bar

Measuring tools and resultClick on measuring tool and right click on the plan sheet which will provide a menu, which gives many options including change scale ratio, which will set the scale for measurements.

Step 4 – Publishing Comments

Publish commentsOnce a comment, or all the comments have been made:

  • Select Publish Comments

Note: The comments will be locked so one user will NOT be allowed to edit other user's comments. Users cannot see other user's comments until they click on "Publish Comments".

Step 5 – Closing the File

Close the file. If a warning message pops up about saving the file:

  1. Check to make sure the comments have been Published (see step 4)
  2. If the comments have been Published, Select No (The comments are already saved to the file)
  3. If the comments have NOT been Published, Select Cancel and repeat Step 4.


Tracker screen shot for a Joined reviewUse the Tracker to organize active reviews. From the main menu select:

View > Tracker...

Under the Reviews item, Select Joined. This shows all the PDF documents currently being reviewed.

  1. Under Joined, select the desired review document
  2. Use the View Comments link to open the file and continue the review
  3. Use the email links to send an Outlook mail message to the initator, all reviewers, or a single reviewer.

To remove old completed reviews from the Tracker list:

  • Right click on the review document in the left panel (multiple documents may be selected)
  • From the menu Select Remove Review from Tracker
  • A confirmation box appears. Tap Yes to remove the review.

This only removes the document from this list. Reopen the original document if a further review is needed.

Updated: Friday, April 3, 2020

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