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Highway Design Library

Geometric Design

FHWA (2005)
The FLH Project Development and Design Manual.

Park Road Standards
National Park Service, 1984
Design standards for use on Park road projects.

Note: Substitute the current Green Book for any table referencing "A Policy on Geometric Design of Highways and Streets, AASHTO, 1984".

CADD Tips and Tricks
Information about the Computer Aided Design and Drafting (CADD) software used by FLH
Separated Bike Lane Planning and Design Guide
FHWA, 2015
The Guide outlines planning considerations and design options for separated bike lanes.
Design Visualization Guide
This document introduces visualization tools and innovative visualization practices
Flexibility in Highway Design
This FHWA document illustrates the flexibility already available to designers within adopted standards.
FWS Roadway Design Guidelines
US Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS), 2012
Highlights state of the art ecological, planning, design and engineering considerations for roadway projects located within FWS managed lands

Writing Specifications

An image of a pamphlet cover.
Specification Writers' Guide For Federal Lands Highway
FHWA, May 2008
This Guide is intended for writers that develop specifications for the Federal Highway Administration's (FHWA) Federal Lands Highway Program (FLH). This Guide is to promote and facilitate the writing of specifications that conform to the five Cs of specification writing -- clear, concise, complete, correct, and consistent.
The referenced media source is missing and needs to be re-embedded.
FLH Specification Procedures
FHWA, May 2008
Procedures for creating and using specifications for FLH projects.
Development and Review of Specifications
FHWA, March 2010
This technical advisory was developed for the FHWA division office staff for use in interacting with State specifications. However the document also contains best practices and recommendations useful for developing and writing clear, concise, correct, complete, and consistent specifications. (See the attachments beginning on page 23.)

Signs and Markings

An image of a manual cover.
FHWA, 2012
The current Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices.
An image of a cover for a standard highway signs book.
Standard Highway Signs
FHWA, 2004
The current Standard Highway Signs manual.
An image of a sign and poster guidelines pamphlet cover.
Sign and Poster Guidelines for the Forest Service
USDA Forest Service, 2013
Forest Service policy regarding signs and posters.


An image of someone standing beside a sign.

NPS Signs

Information about National Park Service signs.
DOD Supplement to the MUTCD
Department of Defense, 2015
Supplements to the MUTCD for use on military bases.


An image of a Summer Guide pamphlet cover.
Barrier Guide for Low Volume and Low Speed Roads
FLH, 2005
This Guide is intended to provide assistance in the warranting, selection, and design of roadside barriers. The Guide is prepared specifically for warranting, selecting, and designing barriers on Federal Lands Highways projects that are low volume and/or low speed facilities. The guidelines present practical and useful guidance for common conditions and situations encountered in the design of roadside barriers for Federal Lands Highway projects.
AASHTO Task Force 13
Task Force 13 develops, recommends, and promotes standards and specifications for bridge and road hardware used by highway and transportation agencies on the nation's roadways. Site contains links to publications describing current roadside hardware.
Rumble Strip Guidelines: For Shoulder and Centerline Applications 
FHWA, 2015 
Provides FLH guidance for when and where to install rumble strips.

FHWA Safety Program

View additional Safety links


FHWA Environment Resources
Links to environmental resources at FHWA.
Environmental Review Toolkit
Links to FHWA and other U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) policies, procedures, and guidance related to the environment and transportation.
An image of a Roadside Revegetation brochure cover.
Roadside Revegetation: An Integrated Approach to Establishing Native Plants 
FHWA, 2007 
This report offers an integrated approach to facilitate the successful establishment of native plants along roadsides and other areas of disturbance associated with road modifications.
A book cover of a Roadside Use of Native Plants book.
Roadside Use of Native Plants
FHWA, 1999
Listing of native plants by state.