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Archive Completed Review

Step 1 – Saving file as an "Archive Copy"

Step 1A

Open PDF containing review comments

If deadline date was NOT established:
Select Check for New Comments
Select Check for New Comments

If deadline date was established:
Select Select Save an Archive Copy
Select Save an Archive Copy

Under "Server Status", Select Save as Archive Copy

Save as Archive Copy

Step 1B

Save file on C:/ drive
(file cannot be directly saved into ProjectWise.)

NOTE: The file will automatically change from "pathname_review.pdf" to "pathname_archive.pdf" confirming the process worked.

The following window will pop up. Select OK
Confirmation dialog

Step 1C

Find the file previously saved to the C:/ drive.

Step 1D

Place file on ProjectWise. Place file under the appropriate review milestone comments folder.

NOTE: the comments are now editable, meaning anyone can move/edit/delete anyone else’s comments.

Step 1E

Repeat process for all files that were available during the review period.

NOTE: Do NOT drag and drop the "pathname_review.pdf" from the I:\ drive onto PW. The comments will not remain within the file.

Do NOT save the folder with the "Comments" included; after archiving the file all comments are included within the file.

Step 2 – Clean up the I:\ Drive

Tracker screen shot for a Joined reviewOnce all files that were available during the review period have been archived and the archive file is placed on ProjectWise:

  • Open the Tracker. From the Acrobat main menu, select View > Tracker...
  • Under the Reviews item, Select Sent to see all the PDF documents reviewed by the CFT.
  • Under Sent select a review document (multiple documents may be selected).
  • Right click on the review document in the left panel
  • From the menu Select Remove Review from Tracker
  • A confirmation box appears. NOTE that selecting "Yes" removes all the comments. If the archive file has been placed in ProjectWise, select Yes.
  • Delete any remaining review files off the C:/ drive and I:\ drive.

NOTE: To keep the I:\ drive clear of unused folders and documents, delete the project folder off the I:\ drive. The same files will NOT be used for the next review, so the folder is not needed.

Updated: Friday, April 3, 2020

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