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Tips, Tricks and Frequently Asked Questions

MicroStation Connect Tips

New WorkSpace Tips: Things to look out for when using a new WorkSpace...

FLH WorkSet: The WorkSet is used to hold project specific information including the Sheet Index...

About the Sheet Index: The Sheet Index makes automatic numbering of sheets possible...

Placing Text Symbols: How to easily place non-keyboard symbols into text...

OpenRoads Designer (ORD) Tips

Downgrading the Civil Model: Process for converting a DGN file with ORD elements to a simple MicroStation DGN file for sharing with partners without ORD.

Removing Unwanted Info from ORD Reports: Process for removing extra information from ORD Reports before including as Government Furnished Information or Physical Data

Geospatial Tools

Geographic Coordinate Systems: Assigning a geographic coordinate system is the foundation to all geospatial interoperability within MicroStation and for using other geo-referenced files...

Images from Bing Maps: Referencing Bing Maps images into a DGN file.

Using Google Earth: Instructions for using Google Earth inside of MicroStation.

Geo-Referenced TIFF: Directions for creating and referencing a geo-referenced TIFF image file.

Updated: Thursday, May 19, 2022