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FLH Annual Accomplishment Reports

The Office of Federal Lands Highway (FLH) is relied upon by a host of Federal Land Management Agency and state & local partners to solve and manage unique challenges that are wide-ranging in environment, geography and complexity, through engineering solutions that are sensitive to the context of the land. We are often confronted by unique terrain, work restrictions, and challenging deadlines. Whether it is building highly visible and political projects, constructing roads that are national landmarks, or providing critical access on low-volume transportation facilities, FLH is at the forefront of consistently delivering distinct and sound engineering projects.

A selection of our accomplishments are captured annually in the following reports for the benefit of our partners, employees, and the general public.

Federal Lands Highway Program 2021 Annual Report

View the 2021 Year in Review

Federal Lands Highway Program 2020 Annual Report

View the 2020 Year in Review

2019 Annual Report Cover

Federal Lands Highway Program 2019 Annual Report

View the 2019 Year in Review

Federal Lands Highway Program 2018 Annual Report

View the 2018 Year in Review

Federal Lands Highway Program 2017 Annual Report

View the 2017 Year in Review

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Updated: Tuesday, September 20, 2022