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FHWA Highway Safety Programs

Project Cost

In 2017, projects reporting $0 costs or projects reporting deobligated funds were excluded from analysis.  Costs ranged widely. Some projects were small in scope and cost, such as installing a pedestrian signal. Others were higher cost projects, such as resurfacing a highway or realigning a curve. Figure 5 shows the breakdown by project cost, grouped into general categories with breakpoints at $100,000, $500,000, and $1,000,000.

Figure 5: This figure shows the number of projects sorted by project cost. Most projects are less than 100,000 dollars with 1634 projects falling in this category. 1550 projects are between 100,000 and 499,000 dollars; 561 projects are between 500,000 dollars and 1 million dollars; and 871 projects are more than 1 million dollars.
Figure 5: Number of Projects by Project Cost

Roughly 69 percent of the projects had costs less than $500K. A small percentage (12 percent) fell into the $500K - $1M category. The remaining 19 percent were higher cost projects totaling $1M or more. The top five sub categories selected for these higher cost projects are:

  • Roadway – other (73 projects)
  • Widen shoulder – paved or other (50 projects ranging from 0.11 to 25 miles treated)
  • Rumble strips – edge or shoulder (38 projects)
  • Barrier – cable (38 projects ranging from 0.1 to 103 miles treated)
  • Intersection geometry – other (29 projects)

In 2016, the breakdowns were similar. Over two-thirds of the projects had costs less than $500K, about 12 percent fell into the $500K - $1M category, and about 19 percent were more than $1M.