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FHWA Highway Safety Programs

Attachment 2: Other Project Listing Categories

Funding Categories

HSIP (Section 148)
HRRR Special Rule
Penalty Funds – Section 154
Penalty Funds – Section 164 RHCP Funds (used for HSIP purposes)
Other Federal-aid Funds (i.e., STBG, NHPP)
State and Local Funds

Relevant SHSP Emphasis Area

Motorcycles Roadway/lane departure
Head-on and across-median crashes
Work zones

Functional Classification

Rural Principal Arterial – Interstate
Rural Principal Arterial – Other Freeways and Expressways
Rural Principal Arterial – Other
Rural Minor Arterial
Rural Major Collector
Rural Minor Collector
Rural Local Road or Street
Urban Principal Arterial – Interstate
Urban Principal Arterial – Other Freeways and Expressways
Urban Principal Arterial – Other
Urban Minor Arterial
Urban Major Collector
Urban Minor Collector
Urban Local Road or Street

Roadway Ownership

State Highway Agency
County Highway Agency
Town or Township Highway Agency
City or Municipal Highway Agency
State Park, Forest, or Reservation Agency
Local Park, Forest or Reservation Agency
Other State Agency
Other Local Agency
Private (Other than Railroad)
State Toll Authority
Local Toll Authority
Other Public Instrumentality (e.g., Airport, School, University)
Indian Tribal Government