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Tribal Transportation Improvement Program (TTIP)

FHWA Agreement Tribes Planning Process

The Federal Highway Administration Tribal Transportation Program team works in consultation with Tribal Governments to achieve transportation planning on Tribal lands. A Tribal Transportation Program (TTP) Agreement between the U.S. Department of Transportation and a Tribe provides an understanding that Tribal Governments inherit "all the functions and duties that the Secretary of Interior would have performed (Chapter 2 of Title 23, USC)." As per this legislation, a major planning effort FHWA has approval authority on, in partnership with a Tribe, is the development of an annual TTP Transportation Improvement Program (TTPTIP) derived from a list of eligible projects approved under a Tribe's individual TIP. The transportation planning process on Tribal lands as a whole is carried out by the Tribal Government's staff.

A diagram detailing the transportation planning process.

Tribal Transportation Improvement ProgramTTIP Tools for FHWA Agreement Tribes
Updated: Monday, August 9, 2021