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Office of Tribal Transportation - Finance

Additional Information & Technical Assistance

Doug Roberts
Financial Specialist
Office of Tribal Transportation
Federal Highway Administration
(202) 924-8876

Matthew Bird
Finance Manager
Office of Tribal Transportation
Federal Highway Administration

The Office of Tribal Transportation distributes Federal Transportation funds as they become available. Tribal Transportation Program formula funds (known as Tribal shares) are sent to Tribes and the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Some Tribes receive this funding according to their program agreement with FHWA. The Office of Tribal Transportation also sends funds to the Bureau of Indian Affairs for Tribes that have made other arrangements to access the program.

Tribal Shares and Planning Funds under IIJA

(Copies of the Tribal Shares for FY23 Full Year in excel format are available upon request to

(Please note this file was uploaded again on 8/5/2022 to correct errors in the 2011 RNDF and PAF column. Tribal shares calculations were unaffected.)

Tribal Shares and Planning Funds under the FAST Act

Funds Transfer pursuant to 23 U.S.C. 202(a)(9)

Section 202(a)(9) of title 23, United States Code encourages cooperation between States and Tribes by allowing any funds received from a State, county, or local government to be credited to appropriations available for the Tribal Transportation Program (TTP).

These transfers, provided for under MAP21, give the OTT authority to receive funds from States or local governments, add them to the FHWA accounting system and then transfer those funds to Tribes as TTP funds. The statute says that the funds will be credited to appropriations made available for the TTP . Congress authorized these transfers to facilitate cooperation between States or local governments and Tribes for the purpose of advancing infrastructure projects. The stewardship and oversight authority over these funds lies with the OTT Team or the BIA. To date, FHWA has managed approximately 20 transfers across 8 different states.

One potential source of such funding are funds apportioned or allocated to a State under title 23. Section 104(f)(3) allows the Secretary of Transportation to, at the request of a State, transfer among States, or to the Department's Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), funds that have been so apportioned or allocated. This provision, used in conjunction with the authority under 23 U.S.C. 209(a)(9), allows State funds to be transferred to FHWA, which in turn would provide the funds to the specified Tribe.