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FHWA Highway Safety Programs

Miami-Dade Pedestrian Safety Project Phase II: Final Implementation Report and Executive Summary

Pedestrian Safety Engineering and Intelligent Transportation System-Based Countermeasures Program for Reduced Pedestrian Fatalities, Injuries, Conflicts and Other Surrogate Measures: Miami-Dade Site

Prepared for
US Department of Transportation
Federal Highway Administration

Cooperative Agreement

Prepared by
Department of Civil and Coastal Engineering
University of Florida
Gainesville, FL 32611-6588
Tel: (352) 392-9537

In Cooperation With
Florida Department of Transportation
Department of Urban and Regional Planning, University of Florida
Miami-Dade County Public Works Department
Miami-Dade Metropolitan Planning Organization


This project was funded by a Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) grant under Cooperative Agreement DTFH61-01-X-00018, which is gratefully acknowledged. Additional funding was provided by the Florida DOT and the Miami-Dade County Department of Public Works.

FHWA Project Guidance was provided by:
Tamara Redmon, Office of Safety
Dr. Gabriel Rousseau, Office of Safety
Jocelyn Bauer and Kelley Pecheux, SAIC
Leverson Boodlal, KLS Engineering

The project was managed by the University of Florida, Department of Civil and Costal Engineering, and the Miami-Dade County Department of Public Works, with the following project oversight and management staff:

University of Florida Department of Civil and Coastal Engineering (UF)
Dr. Ralph Ellis, Overall Principal Investigator
Dr. Ron Van Houten, Technical Principal Investigator

Miami-Dade Department of Public Works
Mohamed Hussan, Chief of Traffic Eng Division
David Henderson, Pedestrian Bicycle Coordinator
Vishnu Rajkumar, Signal Design Administrator
Bob Williams, Traffic Signal Engineer

Private Consultants
Charles V. Zegeer, P.E.
Richard Blomberg, Dunlap and Associates

Student Assistants:
Jose Sanda, Graduate Student
Jin Lee Kim, Graduate Student

Acknowledgement is also made of the contributions of Ed Rice, FHWA, formerly of the FDOT Safety Office, and Rory Santana, FDOT District 6 Office, who were responsible for many of the countermeasures in phase two