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Tribal Transportation Program Agreement


Prior to SAFETEA-LU, Indian Tribal governments worked directly with the BIA or the DOI, Assistant Secretary of Indian Affairs in implementing the Tribal Transportation Program (TTP) program.

Since SAFETEA-LU, Indian Tribal governments have a choice in administration of the TTP program. As a result, under 23 U.S.C. § 202(a)(2), the Secretary of Transportation is authorized to enter into a Tribal Transportation Program Agreement (TTPA) with an Indian Tribal government to carry out a transportation program and projects. This allows Tribes the option of working directly with the FHWA in the administration of their Tribal Transportation Program.

A Tribe with a TTPA administers its own TTP, as authorized by Chapter 2 of Title 23.

The purpose of a TTPA is to:

  • Transfer to the Tribe all the functions and duties that the Secretary of the Interior would have performed with respect to a program or project under Chapter 2 of Title 23, other than those that cannot be legally transferred.
  • To provide the Tribe or its designee, under a Referenced Funding Agreement (RFA), its share of TTP funds.

Notice of Intent

Submit a Notice of Intent to FHWA, which is a letter, email, or Tribal resolution notifying FHWA of its desire to enter into a TTPA. Submit the Notice of Intent to FHWA by emailing it to

FHWA will contact you shortly after receipt.