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WFL Transportation Improvement Program

The Federal Lands Highway Program provides funding for use by the Federal Land Management Agencies (FLMAs) and Federal Highway Administration for the planning, design, construction or reconstruction of designated public roads that provide access to, through or within Federal or Tribal lands. The Federal Lands Highway and the FMLAs (NPS, FS, FWS, and IRR) jointly develop transportation projects, based on the need and availability of funds.

All regionally significant FLMA projects, regardless of funding source, that affect the public are coordinated with the appropriate State or local agencies responsible for planning implementation of transportation improvements. The attached list of projects includes projects programmed for construction within WFL.

For questions, comments, or additional information on WFL’s TIP, please contact Talena Adams, Program Manager, at or 360-619-7664.


  • WFL Final Approved TIP FY 2023-2026
    This is the Western Federal Lands Highway Division Final Approved TIP for fiscal years 2023-2026 that was completed in December 2022.
  • WFL Mid-Year TIP Update 2022-2025
    Recognizing the dynamic nature of the project development process, an annual mid-year update of the formal WFL TIP is prepared during the middle of the Federal fiscal year. This update reflects changes in the defined program of projects and was completed in May 2022.
Updated: Friday, February 24, 2023