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WFL Templates

Templates provide a starting point to create new project plan sheets.  The documents contain elements almost always used on most sheets of the type, and can be edited to fit the specific project needs.  See the following categories for available templates:

General Information

(Future DGN for General Information section)

Sheet Index - used to organize the sheet listing for placement in Section A

Quantity Sheets

Summary of Quantities (Plan Section B) - transforms output from EEBACS to final Summary of Quantities plan sheets

Tabulation of Drainage Quantities - placed at beginning of Drainage section to list cross drainage structures

Typical Sections

DGN fileTypical Section  (DGN, 102 KB) - base sheet showing the usual information on the Typical Section.

Plan-Profile Sheets

Survey Control Sheet - survey control point listing

Survey Assumed Control Sheet - survey control point listing for assumed control

Soil Erosion and Sediment Control Sheets

DGN fileSWPPP and ESCP Signs  (DGN, 223 KB) - detail of SWPPP sign and Oregon ESCP sign to be included in the plans when mentioned in Subsection 107.01A.  Signs are on plan sheets, but can also be placed as cells (attach DGN as cell library).

Updated: Thursday, May 6, 2021