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Lewis River Bridge

Project Description

The purpose of this project is to replace the Lewis River Bridge, improve safety for drivers and pedestrians, improve visitor experience, and address parking congestion near the bridge.

Bridge replacement, paving grading, MSE Walls, Masonry.


Lewis River Bridge is listed as a Priority of Improvement Category B (Major) in the latest bridge safety inspection (9/26/14). Category B means Structure is seriously deficient or presents a safety hazard, but can remain in service at reduced loads or with frequent inspections. The bridge has widespread deterioration of the deck, abutments and wing walls exhibit widespread cracking delamination and spalling; it is deemed as Scour Critical. The bridge has 3-foot sidewalks, which are a sub-standard width and could be a safety hazard.

This site is popular for viewing Lewis Falls. Parking is on the south side of the bridge and does not meet current visitation needs, leading to congestion along the road. The parking area also has turning and sight distance issues and potential for vehicle-pedestrian conflicts.

Scope of Work

The Lewis River Bridge will be replaced on a new alignment directly east of the existing bridge. The South Entrance Road would be shifted several hundred feet on either side of the bridge to line up with the new bridge. Traffic would be carried on the existing bridge while the new bridge is under construction. Once construction is complete the existing Lewis River Bridge would be removed. A temporary work bridge would likely be constructed within the alignment of the new bridge in order to facilitate its construction. This work bridge would be removed prior to completion of the new bridge.

The existing parking area on the southwest corner of the existing bridge would be reconfigured and expanded by approximately 10,000 square feet. The ingress, egress, and pedestrian areas associated with this parking area would also be improved by expanding turning radii for vehicles and marking parking spaces. The vehicle pullouts on the northeast and northwest of the bridge would be reconstructed in the new bridge location. The pullout located southeast of the bridge would not be retained to avoid additional encroachment on wetlands in the project area.

During construction, visitor traffic would utilize the existing two-way bridge. Delays may occur during working hours for equipment and material maneuvering, including a two-week period where there may be up to 6-hour intermittent delays. There would be no delays during hours when no construction activities are occurring. Staging for bridge construction would be within the new alignment and in some locations along the existing alignment.

Anticipated Timeline

Awarded: Spring 2022

Construction: Summer 2022 

Project Completion: Fall 2024

Project Photos

Project Documents: