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Wyoming Projects

In Development

Project # Project Name Location
WY FLAP CR CN10-285(1) Horse Creek Road Widening and Geometric Improvements Fremont County/Town of Dubois, Wyoming
WY FLAP 407(1) Kortes Road Natrona
WY NPS YELL 14(1) Lewis River Bridge Near Moran
WY FLAP CR CN10-277(1) Wiggins Fork Bridge Replacement Fremont County, Wyoming
WY NPS YELL 12(2) Yellowstone River Bridge Park County

Under Construction

Project # Project Name Location
WY FLAP US 212(9) Beartooth Highway (US 212) Park County
WY NPS YELL 10(22) Canyon to Tower, Phase 3 Yellowstone National Park
WY FLAP 30400(1) Gros Ventre Road Teton County
WY NPS GRTE 2017(1) Moose Wilson Road Phase 1 Teton
WY NPS YELL 2019(1) Roosevelt Lodge Parking Lot Park County


Project # Project Name Location
WY NPS YELL 13(11) East Entrance Road Fishing Bridge to Indian Pond Park, Teton County