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WFL Naming Conventions

Use the following naming conventions:

General File Naming

The WFLHD file naming convention consists of a project specific prefix followed by a short file type suffix.

<unique project prefix> + <file type> + .extension

Note: Do not change the default file extension (i.e. DGN, DOCX, XLSX, PDF, etc.

See the listing of unique project prefixes.

Design Files Types

Most plan sheets reference other roadway design files containing the planimetrics (existing ground features), contours, and new work. Use the suffixes shown below to describe these roadway design files. If applicable sequential numbers may be added (e.g. *_ali1.dgn, *qty2.dgn, *xs01, *xs02.dgn, etc.).

Data TypeSuffixSeed FilePurpose
Survey_sur3DExisting 3D Survey Data including terrain 
Right of Way_e_row
2DExisting Right of Way (E_ROW) 
Proposed Right of Way (P_ROW) 
Alignment and Profile _ali2DHorizontal and vertical alignments 
Corridor_cor2DDesign corridor files  
Superelevation_sup2DSuperelevation creation
Cross Sections_xs2DCreation of cross section named borders, XS sheets, and printing
Quantities_qty2DQuantity named boundaries, earthwork, etc. 
Civil Cells _cvc2DCivil cell placement and processing. Use separate files when many civil cells are modeled 
Plan Sheets_pln2DCreation of named border, plan sheets, and printing.
Additional plan sheet descriptor may be added.

Additional suffixes may be added for design files created by other functions.

<unique project prefix> + <function code> + <file type> + .dgn

Function Codes

CodeFunctional Area
(Blank)Highway Design function file implied
_rwRight of Way

Plan Sheet Suffixes

Use the following sheet type designator to further distinguish the plan sheets.

<unique project prefix> + _pln + <sheet type> + .dgn

Sheet TypeDescriptionSheet TypeDescription
_genTitle Sheets
Vicinity Maps
Material Sources
_ttcTemporary Traffic Control 
_qtabQuantity Tabulations_ptcPermanent Traffic Control
_typTypical Section_lscpLandscaping
_ecSoil Erosion and Sediment Control_miscMiscellaneous Details
_hyDrainage Tables and Details_wallWall plan sheets
_ppPlan/Profile sheets_stageStaging Plans
_lgLine Graph_demoDemolition plans
_rwRight-of-Way_ut_descUtilities w/ a description added
Updated: Tuesday, May 31, 2022