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Davey's Bridge

Recognized for Innovative Design

Davey's Bridge is located on the Banks-Lowman Highway, part of the Wildlife Canyon Scenic Byway in Boise County, Idaho. It was recognized in the fall 2014 issue of Aspire, The Concrete Bridge Magazine.

The use of precast, prestressed concrete girders contributed to building a structure that is simple, aesthetically pleasing, and blends nicely into the natural environment of the rural Idaho countryside. Prestressed concrete girders provided the lowest overall cost, considering production and lifetime maintenance and reduced life-cycle costs. An optimal solution was implemented that satisfied hydraulic requirements with a single span while accommodating the need for an unusually wide bridge deck. Efficient and innovative staged construction strategy allowed for uninterrupted traffic flow.

Read the article in Fall 2014 Aspire Magazine

Photo of Davey's Bridge

Updated: Thursday, January 19, 2023