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FHWA Highway Safety Programs

HSIP Additional Resources

HSIP Online Reporting Tool User Manual

The HSIP online reporting tool user manual helps State reporters and FHWA Divison Office reviewers understand and complete the annual HSIP and RHCP reports in the online reporting tool. The manual provides an overview of the HSIP ORT, the process for obtaining system access, instructions for navigating the system, completing reports, and reviewing reports, as well as a list of additional resources.

  • Informational video series
    These video series demonstrates how users can navigate the HSIP ORT, respond to questions in the HSIP ORT and review questions in the HSIP ORT.

HSIP ORT User Types

The Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) Online Reporting Tool (ORT) supports three distinct user groups:

  • State DOTs complete the reports and submit them to the FHWA Division Office
  • FHWA
    • Division Office reviews the submitted reports and may provide feedback for the State DOT to address before the Division Office submits them to the FHWA Office of Safety.
    • Office of Safety analyzes the data compiled from the reports to prepare national summary reports (e.g., the biennial report to Congress for the RHCP, the HSIP National Summary Report)
  • General Users can have "view only access to the reports

Each State can designate one "super" reporter and multiple reporters. All reporters have the same access and can answer questions for either HSIP or RHCP reports. When all questions are complete, the "super" reporter can submit the report to the FHWA Division Office.

The FHWA Division Office reviews the report and provides feedback to the State DOT within the HSIP ORT. The report is then returned back to the State DOT to respond appropriately and resubmit. Similarly, if the FHWA Division Office identifies a noteworthy practice in their state, they have the ability to flag that item for the FHWA Office of Safety. After the FHWA Division Office accepts the reports, the report is submitted to the FHWA Office of Safety and considered final.

The HSIP ORT also supports a general user type. The general user can only view the reports. They are not able to make changes or comments within the HSIP ORT.

HSIP ORT Questions

Each report consists of a series of questions to be answered by the State reporters. The HSIP report template and RHCP report template provide a preview of these questions. The HSIP ORT also provides What is this question asking? prompts that further explain each question. The reporter should choose an answer that best matches HSIP implementation efforts in their State. If there is not a best match, in most cases the reporter can select "other and enter an appropriate answer in clear concise terms. The reporter can also provide supporting text using the additional comments feature to further clarify an answer.