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WFL Sample Plans Key

Each sample plan contains yellow boxes containing information or instructions about the elements that make up the sheet. Items showing a specific size are shown in US Customary units with the Metric equivalent following in [square brackets].


Portion of sample with instructional boxes

AS = The Active Scale, usually in the context of placing a cell. (MicroStation key-in)

Cell: The name of the cell. Unless a "Library:" is indicated, the cell is from the Work_dd cell library.

CO = Color number or "ByLevel" (MicroStation key-in)

DimStyle: Dimension style

Fill Color: The color number for a filled outline shape

Font: Text font name. Only shown when a text style is not used.

Interchar. Spacing: Intercharacter spacing (found on text dialog boxes)

Just: Text Justification (usually included in text style)

LC = Line style number (code) or "ByLevel" (MicroStation key-in)

Level: Level name

LineStyle scale factor: scaling factor for custom line styles (from menu: Element -> Line Styles -> Custom)

LS = Line spacing for text, usually half the text size (MicroStation key-in)

TextStyle: Text Style name

TX = Text height and width. Text height (TH = ) and text width (TW = ) can also be filled in separately. (MicroStation key-in)

WT = Element weight number or "ByLevel" (MicroStation key-in)