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Use a Footnote to supplement labels where insufficient space is available at the label location. By contrast use a "Note" for general information that is relevant to the entire sheet. When possible, place the list of Footnotes (as well as Notes) on the right hand side of the sheet with Notes placed above Footnotes.

Delineate footnote number with raised square brackets (i.e. Label text [1]). Create the footnote using a denominator-less fraction edited as follows:

  1. Text Editor dialogPlace or Edit text. Inside the text editor create a fraction using the footnote number as the numerator. To create a fraction type "space 1 / 3 space" (any combination of numbers is fine). The fraction will appear as grey text in the format "1#3".
  2. Edit Stack Fraction dialogDouble click on the fraction in the text editor. This brings up the stack fraction editor. Add square brackets to the numerator and delete the text from the denominator. Select OK to return to the text editor and finish.
  3. The resulting text appears below.
    Resulting text in MicroStation window
Updated: Thursday, April 16, 2020