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KDOT Electronic Data

Kansas DOT Evaluation of Sharing Electronic Data with Contractors and GPS Construction Processes

This is the final report.

The electronic processes of the Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) were evaluated in response to advancing technology in the construction industry. As the use of Global Positioning Systems (GPS) machine controlled grading and construction staking became more popular, contractors in Kansas began requesting additional electronic design files to aid in the construction of their three-dimensional (3D) grading models. This paper analyzes the electronic processes directly related to GPS machine controlled grading and evaluates the affects any proposed changes would have on current KDOT design and construction inspection practices. Information obtained from other state practices, a pilot project within Kansas and partnering within KDOT and throughout the construction industry was used to develop new electronic processes.

The electronic processes developed updated construction specifications and the electronic deliverables policy. The updated construction specifications addressed contractors‟ responsibilities for using electronic design files and adjusted KDOT‟s staking requirements and construction inspection practices to account for projects using GPS machine controlled grading. The main decisions made regarding the electronic deliverables policy included determining what electronic design files to provide to contractors, the timing of the files release and the legal considerations. It was decided to release the two-dimensional Computer Aided Design (CAD) files most frequently created during the design process to contractors prior to bidding. A new disclaimer was used to cover legal concerns of releasing the files. Under the policy, KDOT does not provide contractors with a 3D model; contractors are required to create their own model to use GPS machine controlled grading.