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U.S. Department of Transportation U.S. Department of Transportation Icon United States Department of Transportation United States Department of Transportation

Working 2D Library

The Working 2D cell library (Work_dd.cel) is the default cell library for WFL. Some cells are located in the FLH-Cells library. The cell library is available with the WorkSpace Downloads.


Sheet Annotation

Sample Work_dd cells for sheet annotation
  • A.US.Letter ANSI A-Letter orientation; US Customary
  • A.US.Letter-plain ANSI A-Letter orientation, no title block; US Customary
  • A.US.Sheet ANSI A-Sheet; US Customary
  • A.US.Sheet-plain ANSI A-Sheet, no title block; US Customary
  • Amendment Amendment triangle
  • Arrow.Loc Key map locator arrow
  • B.M.Bridge ANSI B-Bridge plan; Metric
  • B.M.BridgeLayout ANSI B-Preliminary bridge layout; Metric
  • Break Line break symbol
  • DOT Department of Transportation logo
  • Equation Equation flag for profiles
  • Flagger Flagger station symbol
  • FS USDA Forest Service logo
  • Grid Grid with North/East
  • North North arrow
  • NPS NPS arrowhead logo
  • OHW Ordinary high water
  • Preliminary Preliminary stamp
  • Revision Design revision for stamped consultant work
  • RoadApproach Road approach symbol type and width
  • RoadApproach2 Road approach symbol type only
  • RPStake Reference point stake; AS=text size
  • ScaleFeet Place at AS=1, drop and scale bar only
  • ScaleFeet.Alt Place at AS=1, drop and scale bar only
  • ScaleFeet5 Place at AS=1, drop and scale bar only
  • ScaleFeet5.Alt Place at AS=1, drop and scale bar only
  • ScaleKM Place at AS=1, drop and scale bar only
  • ScaleKM.Alt Place at AS=1, drop and scale bar only
  • ScaleKM5 Place at AS=1, drop and scale bar only
  • ScaleKM5.Alt Place at AS=1, drop and scale bar only
  • ScaleMiles Place at AS=1, drop and scale bar only
  • ScaleMiles.Alt Place at AS=1, drop and scale bar only
  • ScaleMiles5 Place at AS=1, drop and scale bar only
  • ScaleMiles5.Alt Place at AS=1, drop and scale bar only
  • WHS World Heritage Site


Sample Work_dd cells for Symbols
  • Aggregate Aggregate pattern
  • Arrow.Flow SESC flow arrow
  • Arrow.Sign Sign arrow; AS=bar width; ft [m]
  • Barricade1 Barricade, type 1
  • Barricade2 Barricade, type 2
  • Barricade3 Barricade, type 3
  • Bolt.C Carriage bolt; YS=bolt length, ft [m]
  • Capital City capital symbol
  • CattleGuard Proposed cattle guard; AS=opening, ft [m]
  • Cedar Cedar tree, elevation; 100 feet tall
  • Circle Circle with text
  • Concrete Concrete pattern
  • ConeHigh Cone, high speed and night use
  • ConeLow Cone, low speed and day use
  • Delineator Proposed delineator
  • DropInlet Proposed drop inlet
  • EndSection Proposed end section
  • Fir Fir tree, elevation; 100 feet tall
  • G4W_Lt G4 W-beam guardrail, left
  • G4W_Rt G4 W-beam guardrail, right
  • Guardrail1 Detailed guardrail (entire), right
  • Guardrail2 Detailed guardrail (visible), right
  • Hex Scalable nut, plan; AS=diameter, ft [m]
  • Jer_Lt Jersey barrier, left side of road
  • Jer_Rt Jersey barrier, right side of road
  • Mesh Wire mesh pattern
  • MP Reference location sign
  • Nut.Hex Hex nut; AS=nut diameter, ft [m]
  • Nut.Rounded Rounded hex nut; AS=nut diameter, ft [m]
  • Nut.Washer Nut w/washer; AS=nut diameter, ft [m]
  • Oak Oak tree, elevation; 30 feet tall
  • ObjectMarker Object marker
  • PipeBreak Pipe break symbol; AS=diameter, ft [m]
  • PipeCul Pipe culvert; AS=diameter, ft [m]
  • PPAnchor Proposed power pole anchor
  • Riprap Riprap pattern
  • Sign.1Post Proposed 1 post sign
  • Sign.2Post Proposed 2 post sign
  • Sign.Portable Portable sign
  • Soil Undisturbed soil symbol
  • Source Source area symbol
  • SpotElev Spot elevation
  • StreetLight Proposed street light
  • Stump Stump, elevation; AS=tree diameter, ft [m]
  • Tree Tree, plan; AS=canopy, ft [m]
  • Tree.Alt Alternate tree, plan; AS=canopy, ft [m]
  • Tree.Fir Fir tree, plan; AS=canopy, ft [m]
  • Tree.Oak Oak tree, plan; AS=canopy, ft [m]
  • UtilityMarker Proposed utility marker
  • WarningLight Warning light
  • Wood1 Wood grain pattern
  • Wood2 Wood grain pattern
  • Wood3 Wood endgrain pattern
  • XTick Cross tick

Pavement Markings

Sample Work_dd cells for Pavement Markings
  • M.Access1 Accessibility marking, minimum size
  • M.Access2 Accessibility marking, special size
  • M.AccessBor1 Accessibility marking w/border, minimum size
  • M.AccessBor2 Accessibility marking w/border, special size
  • M.Ahead AHEAD text marking
  • M.Bike Bicycle symbol marking
  • M.Diamond Preferential lane marking
  • M.Left Left turn marking
  • M.LeftThru Left turn and thru marking
  • M.Only ONLY text marking
  • M.Right Right turn marking
  • M.RightThru Right turn and thru marking
  • M.RR Railroad marking
  • M.RR-Narrow Narrow railroad marking
  • M.School SCHOOL text marking
  • M.SchoolLarge Large SCHOOL text marking
  • M.Stop STOP text marking
  • M.Thru Thru marking
  • M.Yield YIELD text marking
  • M.YieldSym1 Yield symbol marking, > 45 MPH
  • M.YieldSym2 Yield symbol marking, < 45 MPH

Highway Shields

Sample Work_dd cells for Highway Shields
  • Hwy.AK1 Alaska route, 1 digit
  • Hwy.AK2 Alaska route, 2 digits
  • Hwy.Bike1 Bicycle route, 1 digit
  • Hwy.Bike2 Bicycle route, 2 digits
  • Hwy.BikeInt1 Interstate bicycle route, 1 digit
  • Hwy.BikeInt2 Interstate bicycle route, 2 digits
  • Hwy.County1 County route, 1 digit
  • Hwy.County2 County route, 2 digits
  • Hwy.County3 County route, 3 digits
  • Hwy.ID1 Idaho route, 1 digit
  • Hwy.ID2 Idaho route, 2 digits
  • Hwy.ID3 Idaho route, 3 digits
  • Hwy.Int1 Interstate route, 1 digit
  • Hwy.Int2 Interstate route, 2 digits
  • Hwy.Int3 Interstate route, 3 digits
  • Hwy.IntBus1 Interstate business route, 1 digit
  • Hwy.IntBus2 Interstate business route, 2 digits
  • Hwy.IntBus3 Interstate business route, 3 digits
  • Hwy.MT-2nd Montana secondary route
  • Hwy.MT1 Montana route, 1 digit
  • Hwy.MT2 Montana route, 2 digits
  • Hwy.MT3 Montana route, 3 digits
  • Hwy.NF1 Forest route, 1 digit
  • Hwy.NF2 Forest route, 2 digits
  • Hwy.NF3 Forest route, 3 digits
  • Hwy.OR1 Oregon route, 1 digit
  • Hwy.OR2 Oregon route, 2 digits
  • Hwy.OR3 Oregon route, 3 digits
  • Hwy.State1 State route (generic), 1 digit
  • Hwy.State2 State route (generic), 2 digits
  • Hwy.State3 State route (generic), 3 digits
  • Hwy.US1 US route, 1 digit
  • Hwy.US2 US route, 2 digits
  • Hwy.US3 US route, 3 digits
  • Hwy.WA1 Washington route, 1 digit
  • Hwy.WA2 Washington route, 2 digits
  • Hwy.WA3 Washington route, 3 digits
  • Hwy.WY1 Wyoming route, 1 digit
  • Hwy.WY2 Wyoming route, 2 digits
  • Hwy.WY3 Wyoming route, 3 digits
Last updated: Wednesday, March 20, 2024