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Property Library

The Property.cel library contains symbols used by Survey and Mapping for placing existing property information. The cell library is available with the WorkSpace Downloads.

Sample Property cells
  • C16CF 16th Corner Found
  • C16CP 16th Corner Projected
  • C16EWF 16th Corner EW Found
  • C16EWP 16th Corner EW Projected
  • C16NSF 16th Corner NS Found
  • C16NSP 16th Corner NS Projected
  • CCCEFD CL Corner E Found
  • CCCEP CL Corner E Projected
  • CCCNFD CL Corner N Found
  • CCCNP CL Corner N Projected
  • CCCSFD CL Corner S Found
  • CCCSP CL Corner S Projected
  • CCCWFD CL Corner W Found
  • CCCWP CL Corner W Projected
  • CCENFD Section Center Found
  • CCENNF Section Center Projected
  • CMCC Meander Closing Corner
  • CMCE Meander Corner from East
  • CMCN Meander Corner from North
  • CMCS Meander Corner from South
  • CMCW Meander Corner from West
  • COM_OW Common Owner Symbol (Ownership Hook)
  • CPROPF Property Corner Found
  • CQEWF Q Corner EW Found
  • CQEWP Q Corner EW Projected
  • CQNSF Q Corner NS Found
  • CQNSP Q Corner NS Projected
  • CSECF Section Corner Found
  • CSECP Section Corner Projected
  • PPOLEL Power Pole Left of CL
  • PPOLER Power Pole Right of CL
Last updated: Wednesday, March 20, 2024