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FHWA Highway Safety Programs

Technical Assistance Available

We need data to make decisions about the effectiveness and efficiency of safety and other infrastructure improvement programs based on data. But we are consistently confronted by questions about data, such as:

  • What type of analysis to perform?
  • Can we identify relationships between safety countermeasures and crash reductions?
  • Can we integrate diverse sets of data?
  • Can our data be shared among other departments/agencies?
  • How do we manage and maintain our data?
  • What data to collect?
  • How much to collect?
  • Who is going to collect the data?
  • How do we collect the data?
  • Which analysis methods or tools to use?

Technical assistance is available to help address these questions and others you may have about the data used to develop and implement effective safety and other infrastructure improvement programs at both the state and local levels.

There is good news! The FHWA Office of Safety provides free safety data technical assistance through the two technical assistance programs designed to help agencies improve the quality of their roadway data.

The FHWA Office of Safety provides tailored, hands-on technical assistance to individual agencies or disciplines, whether State or local in scope. We can show you how to use multi-disciplinary approaches (and well-vetted models) that will put many hands to the work of leveraging data for significantly improved safety outcomes. We also can show you how to streamline your processes and improve efficiency across the board, which means maximizing the effectiveness of the decisions you make every day – and making your roadways safer.

For more information about any of the programs below, or to request assistance, contact Sarah Weissman Pascual at

Data and Analysis Technical Assistance (DATA) Teams

This program, open to State, tribal and local agencies, provides customized technical assistance based upon the needs of the requesting agency. For instance, we can help with:

  • Supporting MIRE FDE requirements
  • Data management and governance
  • Data quality characteristics
  • Data collection and technical standards
  • Data analysis tools and uses
  • Integration and accessibility of roadway data

Roadway Data Improvement Program (RDIP)

This technical assistance program focuses on helping with State DOT's processes and practices for collecting, managing, and utilizing their roadway data. More information on RDIP technical assistance can be found here.