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Using Google Earth

Before using Google Earth, assign a geographic coordinate system to the DGN Model.

Open the Google Earth application separate from MicroStation.  On the Google Earth Sidebar, under Layers, uncheck the Terrain button to enhance operations.
Layers dialog in Google Earth with Terrain item highlighted

Open or create a 3D DGN Model with a Geographic Coordinate System assigned. A working 3D dgn with nested references of a horizontal alignment is typical.  Several of the Google Earth tools can be used in 2D.

The Google Earth tools are located with the Geographic commands in the toolbar.  From MicroStation/ORD go to either the Drawing or OpenRoads Modeling workflows, Utilities tab, Geographic area, and select a tool.
Screenshot showing location of the Google Earth tools

Export Google Earth (KML) File

This feature exports the DGN drawing elements to a Google KMZ file.  This file format can be shared easily without the need for MicroStation and can opened with the free version of Google Earth.  Many other programs can use the kmz format as well.

First Select Google Earth Settings:
Screenshot showing location of Google Earth settings

Adjust to typical settings below. Note, converting undisplayed levels may allow the export of sensitive data. Then Select OK.
Screenshot of Google Earth Tool Settings showing the typical values

Select Export Google Earth (KML) File:
Location of Export Google Earth (KML) file tool

Next, Select No Wizard, then Select OK.
Screenshot of ProjectWise file creation wizard

Name file and use a description.  Next Select Save.  Note, the file will be created with KMZ format.
Screenshot of Create Google Earth dialog

Allow to process.  Next, open the newly created KMZ file in Google Earth. Google capture shown.
Google Earth screenshot showing information in KMZ file

Note the levels available in Google Earth:
Screenshot showing available levels in Google Earth

Updated: Monday, May 16, 2022