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Level Library

The Federal Lands Highway Divisions use a standard level library.  Use the levels in the tables below for placing elements according to their function.  Placing an element "by-level" will use the element attributes shown below. The level listing is divided into the following sections:

General | Existing | Proposed | Cross-Sections | Old XS


– Auxiliary  – Drafting  – Other Levels  –

Level NameDescriptionBy Level Attributes
ColorLine StyleWeight
AUX_01Auxiliary level for miscellaneous drafting10 (Solid)1
AUX_02Auxiliary level for miscellaneous drafting20 (Solid)1
AUX_03Auxiliary level for miscellaneous drafting30 (Solid)1
AUX_04Auxiliary level for miscellaneous drafting40 (Solid)1
AUX_05Auxiliary level for miscellaneous drafting50 (Solid)1
AUX_06Auxiliary level for miscellaneous drafting60 (Solid)1
AUX_07Auxiliary level for miscellaneous drafting70 (Solid)1
AUX_08Auxiliary level for miscellaneous drafting80 (Solid)1
AUX_09Auxiliary level for miscellaneous drafting90 (Solid)1
AUX_10Auxiliary level for miscellaneous drafting100 (Solid)1
D_DetailsGeneral Details00 (Solid)1
D_DimensionsNotes and dimensions00 (Solid)1
D_Plot_ShapeShape For Plotting30 (Solid)1
D_PreliminaryPreliminary stamp30 (Solid)2
D_Profile_Grid_Minor 2291 (Dotted)0
D_SheetSheet Border and Title Block Elements00 (Solid)1
D_Sheet_NumberEFL Sheet Handles (Standard Drawings)00 (Solid)1
D_Sheet_TextInformational text in extended bottom block00 (Solid)1
D_TablesTable Elements00 (Solid)1
D_TradTraditional Sheet Number Block Format (Standard Drawings)00 (Solid)1
Other Levels    
Default 00 (Solid)0
LUA_Apartments 00 (Solid)0
LUA_Buildings 00 (Solid)0
LUA_Commercial 00 (Solid)0
LUA_Grass 00 (Solid)0
LUA_LightIndustry 00 (Solid)0
LUA_MultiFamilyRes 00 (Solid)0
LUA_Office 00 (Solid)0
LUA_Pavement 00 (Solid)0

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Updated: Wednesday, April 22, 2020