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FHWA Highway Safety Programs

General Information

Photo: Roadway EquipmentSafetyEdge℠  is a simple and effective solution to mitigate pavement edge-related crashes. When installed properly, simply consolidating the edge of the pavement to 30-degree shape during the paving process can eliminate the problem of vertical edge drop-off. Research has shown this shape "provides a transition from on-roadway surface to shoulder and back so smooth it defies assignment of any degree of severity…"

Key benefits of the SafetyEdge℠ technology include:

  1. Its ability to saves lives by allowing vehicles to safely return to the travel lane and mitigate pavement edge drop-off.
  2. An improvement can be seen in pavement durability by reducing edge raveling.
  3. Its cost is low, which is attributed to the addition of typically less than 1 percent of the project's total asphalt quantity.

The SafetyEdge℠  provides a strong, durable transition for vehicles to return to the paved road smoothly and easily. Its shape ensures that tire scrubbing will not occur when the pavement edge is exposed. SafetyEdge℠  can be added to both asphalt and concrete pavement projects.

The graphic below illustrates how a traditional pavement edge compares with the SafetyEdge℠ when newly installed and over time with typical wear and erosion.

Photo: Roadway Equipment

FHWA strongly encourages implementation of SafetyEdge℠ given its extreme effectiveness in addressing edge drop-off related roadway departure crashes, simplicity in installation, and low cost. A small investment in training and implementing SafetyEdge℠ has the potential to return great safety benefits.

FHWA brought open houses and demonstration projects to agencies to introduce the purpose and need for the SafetyEdge℠, the practical solution the SafetyEdge℠ provides, the features and benefits, and to answer questions and discuss the advantages of the SafetyEdge℠. Visit the Demonstrations webpage to learn about opportunities and resources.

The brochures and flyer below detail how agencies can implement SafetyEdge℠ and answer common questions related to the treatment.

  • SafetyEdge℠ 101 Brochure. This brochure briefly introduces the concept of SafetyEdge℠, how it works, FAQs, and a Case Study of Iowa DOT adopting SafetyEdge℠ as standard practice across the State.
  • SafetyEdgeSM 201 Brochure. This brochure details the need for SafetyEdge℠ and answers some common questions and queries regarding SafetyEdge℠ and its implementation.
  • Steps to Implementing the SafetyEdge℠ . This document provides guidance to agencies on deployment strategies, and developing and initiating an implementation plan according to specific needs.
  • Comparison of SafetyEdge℠to Conventional Paving. This document shows the difference in performance over time when paving with the SafetyEdge℠ compared to conventional paving without the SafetyEdge℠.