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Monterey Bay Sanctuary Scenic Trail

Project Description

The project consists of 5.0 miles of multi-use trail parallel to existing railroad tracks north of the City of Santa Cruz, California. The project includes a paved trail and a parallel variable-width gravel trail. The Regional Transportation Commission is currently in the process of drafting the Environmental Impact Report (EIR), and is analyzing a trail alignment on the coastal side of the tracks and an alternative trail alignment on the existing railway bench as part of this process. The draft EIR is scheduled to be presented to the public in late summer 2018. The limits of this project are Wilder Ranch Parking Lot on the South (rail mile post 23.6) and a private drive railroad crossing access (rail mile post 28.6) on the north side.

Anticipated Timeline

Advertise: Summer 2024
Construction: Fall 2024 - Fall 2025

Project Photos