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California Projects

In Development

Project # Project Name Location
CA FLAP MAD CR26(1) Avenue 26 and Road 29 Madera County
CA FLAP 111(1) Beckwourth Genesee Road Plumas County
CA FLAP MOD 258(1) Blue Lake Road Modoc County
CA FTNP MOJA 12(1) Cima Road San Bernardino County
CA FTNP REDW 100(1) Cushing Creek Box Culvert Del Norte County
CA FEMA TRINITY 402(1) Denny Road Repairs Trinity County
CA FTBL DUMONT DUNES (1) Dumont Dunes Road San Bernardino County
CA FLAP CR 393400(1) Evergreen Road Tuolumne County
CA FTFS 007(1) Fibreboard Road Placer County
CA ERFO PLUMAS NF 23N18(1) Frazier Creek Bridge Plumas County
CA PRA YOSE 15(1) Glacier Point Road Mariposa County
CA NP GOGA 469(1) Golden Gate National Recreation Area China Beach Access Road San Mateo County
CA FTNP GOGA 993(1) Golden Gate National Recreation Area Tennessee Valley Parking Lot Marin County
CA FLAP ED CR147(2) Ice House Road El Dorado County
CA FLAP DN 511(1) Klamath Beach Road Del Norte County
CA FLAP SR89(3) Lassen Highway Tehama County
CA FTNP FOPO 110(1) & GOGA 205(1) Long Avenue and Stinson Beach Parking Marin County
CA FTNP SEKI 13(2) Mineral King Road Tulare County
CA FTFW MODO Various Routes, Routes 010, 900, 901, 300 Modoc National Wildlife Refuge Various Routes Modoc County
CA FLAP SCR T5(2) Monterey Bay Sanctuary Scenic Trail Santa Cruz County
CA FTBR Mountain Quarry Bridge (1) Mountain Quarry Bridge Placer County
CA FLAP MRN CR107(1) Muir Woods Road Marin County
CA ERFO 22S01(1) Nacimiento Fergusson Road Monterey County
CA ERFO Sierra NF 05S07(1) Norris Creek Bridge Madera County
CA FLAP SCR T5(1) North Coast Rail Trail Santa Cruz County
CA FLAP MAR 223(1) Pierce Point Road Marin County
CA FTBR Ponderosa Bridge (1) Ponderosa Way Bridge Replacement Placer County
CA FLAP PLU 406(1) Quincy Junction Road Plumas County
CA FLAP 03S11(1) Reds Meadow Road Madera County
CA FTNP SEKI 11(1) Replacement of Upper and Lower Kings River Bridges Tulare County
CA FLAP LA CR2N40(1) Santa Anita Canyon Road Los Angeles County
CA ERFO BR 2020-1(1) Smittle Creek Trail Bridges Napa County
CA FLAP SFTR95(1) South Ocean Beach Trail San Francisco County
CA FLAP SH20(1) State Highway 20/O'Hair Road Intersection Colusa County
CA ER 511(1) Trinity County Emergency Repairs Trinity County
CA ERFO KLAMATH NF 17N11(1) Upper Doolittle and Mill Creek Bridges Siskiyou County
CA ERFO KLAMATH NF 18N31(1) Upper West Branch Bridge Siskiyou County
CA FLAP MER CR337(1) Wolfsen Road Merced County

Under Construction

Project # Project Name Location
CA FLAP NEV 40(1) Donner Pass Road Improvements Nevada County
CA NPS PP LAVO 2019(2) Pavement Preservation Lassen Shasta county
CA ERFO PLUMAS NF 22N39(1) Peavine and French Creek Bridges Butte County
CA FLAP TRI CR502(1) & 511(1) Ruth-Zenia Road and Van Duzen Road Trinity County
CA FTFS 1038(1) Salt Gulch Bridge Siskiyou County
CA FLAP CR 109(1) Sir Francis Drake Boulevard and Point Reyes Roads Marin County
CA FLAP SR36(13) State Route 36, Humboldt County Humboldt County
CA FTNP/NPS YOSE 17(4) & 941(1) Tioga Road and Tuolumne Meadows and Tenaya Lake Parking Tuolumne County


Project # Project Name Location
CA NPS PP MANZ 2019(1) Pavement Preservation Manzanar Lone Pine
CA ERFO S BERNARDINO 1N45(2) Santa Ana River Road San Bernardino County
CA FTBR Senator Wash (1) Senator Wash Road Imperial County
CA FLAP SR89(1) Truckee River Bridge Placer County
CA NPS BP LAVO 2019(1) West Fork Sulphur Creek Bridge Preservation Shasta County