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Polychrome Area Improvements

Project Description

The Pretty Rocks Landslide (at approximately Mile 45.4 of the Park Road) is one of several known landslides in the area and is threatening the integrity, safety, and continued viability of approximately 300 linear feet of the Park Road as well as access to the 47 miles of road beyond Pretty Rocks. Monitoring data indicates that the landslide’s rate of movement has increased dramatically in recent years, and current maintenance efforts are no longer sustainable in the face of continued and accelerating movement.

An approximately 400 foot long bridge will be needed to span the active Pretty Rocks Landslide.  A combination of earthwork, horizontal drains, and a possible cut slope side retaining wall will likely be required to address the Perlite Landslide on the east side of the Pretty Rocks Landslide. The new bridge will also require realignment of the Park Road and a significant amount of excavation at either end of the bridge.







Anticipated Timeline

  • CMGC Awarded January 2023
  • Construction Start: July 2023
  • Project Completion: July 1, 2026

Project Photos