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Text and Dimension Styles

The text and dimension styles are referenced from the element templates.  Normally DO NOT directly set a text or dimension style, rather use the Element Template that corresponds to the current task.  The table listings below are provided for informational purposes only.

Text Styles

The default size of FLH text is 0.007' (or 0.084") and the default font is Verdana.  Text styles provide the basic text appearance, which is then modified for justification in the element templates for specific tasks.  The numbers in the style name indicates the size in thousandths of a foot, and the first word is the font.

002_Serif_CCCenter-centerNoNoUsed for Survey points (Times New Roman font)
003_Verdana_LCLeft-centerNoNoUsed for Survey information
004_Verdana_CCCenter-centerNoNoTiny text on sheet borders
005_Verdana_CCCenter-centerNoNoSheet number blocks and miscellaneous mapping text
006_Verdana_CCCenter-centerNoNoUsed for smaller than normal text
007_Verdana_CCCenter-centerNoNoVertical text, normal size
007_Verdana_Italics_CCCenter-centerNoYesNormal italicized text (use element template for proper justification)
008_Script_Italics_LBLeft-bottomNoYesUsed for title sheet signature names (Lucida Handwriting font)
008_Verdana_CCCenter-centerNoNoUsed for sheet subtitles
008_Verdana_Italics_CCCenter-centerNoYesUsed for subheadings
010_Verdana_Bold_CCCenter-centerYesNoUsed for Standard/Division Detail titles
010_Verdana_Bold_Italics_CCCenter-centerYesYesUsed for Headings
010_Verdana_Italics_LTLeft-topNoYesUsed for Note text
012_Verdana_Bold_CCCenter-centerYesNoUsed for sheet title
020_Serif_CCCenter-centerNoNoUsed for Agency on title sheet (Times New Roman font)
020_Verdana_Bold_CCCenter-centerYesNoUsed for Project Name on title sheet

Dimension Styles

The dimension styles control the behavior and appearance of dimensioning elements.  These should not be set manually, but are included in the element templates for drafting.  The dimension settings may be modified to fit specific situations.

Dimension StyleArrowUse with
Place Note
Use with
Place Dimension
Typical Use
AreaCell: Arrow.AreaYesNoTo denote a large area with a tilde arrowhead
DotFilled circle, height and width equal 2.5YesRarelyTo denote a small area with a filled dot arrowhead
FeetFilled, height 0.5 width 1YesYesBasic note and dimension (0.1 MU) style. Automatic dimensioning optimized for US Customary units.
Feet-InchFilled, height 0.5 width 1YesYesBasic note and dimension (MU-SU) style. Automatic dimensioning optimized for US Customary units.
Limits/SectionFilled, height 1 width 2YesRarelyProject limits and section cut lines
MetersFilled, height 0.5 width 1YesYesBasic note and dimension (0.001 MU) style. Automatic dimensioning optimized for Metric units.
WFL_QuantityCell: Arrow.QtyNoYesIn WFLHD used for excavation and embankment quantities in profile view
Updated: Tuesday, April 6, 2021