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Bid Tabulations

Bid tabulations show the amount bid by each bidder for each pay item in a contract. They are posted as soon as the Contracting Officer certifies that a bid tab accurately reflects the bids received and publicly opened. Fiscal years run from October 1 through September 30 of the following year. So, for example, FY 2016 runs from October 1, 2015 through September 30, 2016. Click on a link below to view details for a specific contract.

Project Number Project Name Fiscal Yearsort ascending Division State Bid Tabulation Documents
PRA-DEWA 14(9) Toms Creek Road Over Toms Creek 2006 EFL Delaware PDF icon bid_tabulations-dewa_14(9).pdf
AZ PFH 43-1(2) Sunrise Park-Big Lake Road 2006 CFL Arizona PDF icon sunrise-a.pdf, PDF icon sunrise-x.pdf
ERFONC FS 981(1) |PRA-FIIS 100(1) |PRA-GWMP 1A82 - 1A87 |NC FSERFO 423(1) | PRA-SAHI 900(1) |MS PFH 40 1(6) Pisgah National Forest 2006 EFL North Carolina PDF icon ms-pfh-40-1(6)b-bidtab.pdf, PDF icon pra-sahi-900_1-tabulation-of-bid.pdf, PDF icon nc-fs-erfo-423_1-tabulation-of-bid.pdf, PDF icon gwmp-1a82_1a87-tabulation-of-bids.pdf, PDF icon fiis-100_1-tabulation-of-bids.pdf, PDF icon erfo-nc-fs-981_1-tabulation-of-bids.pdf
FEMA 2120-1 (1) Mount Weather Emergency Operations Center (amendment #3) 2006 EFL Virginia PDF icon fema-2120-1(1).pdf
CA PRA SEKI 10(6R) Generals Highway -Sequoia/Kings Canyon 2006 CFL California
PRA-HOBE 10(1) Tallapoosa Horseshoe Bend National Military Park 2006 EFL Alabama PDF icon pra_hobe.pdf
MT RRP CHRU 321(1) Fourchette Creek Road - Schedule A 2006 WFL Montana PDF icon mt-rrp-chru-321(1)-b.pdf
CO FTNP COLM 10(3) Rim Rock Drive 2006 CFL Colorado PDF icon rimrock.pdf
CO PRA GRSA 10(1) Entrance Road at Great Sand Dunes 2006 CFL Colorado PDF icon sanddune.pdf
UT PFH 8-1(1) Ephraim - Orangeville 2006 CFL Utah PDF icon ephraim.pdf
RRP-LOP 10 (1) Lake Ophelia National Wildlife Refuge 2006 EFL Louisiana PDF icon lop-10(1).pdf
CA PFH 119-2(4) Oroville-Quincy Highway 2006 CFL California PDF icon quincy.pdf
VI NH-66(008) Christianted Bypass 2006 EFL Virgin Islands PDF icon dtfh71-06-b-00013.pdf
DC STP-3103(2)-C |DE 0014(801)| | ERFO-GRSM 504(2)| ERFO-JSR 10(1) Completion Of Wisconsin Avenue Bridge Rehabilitation Over C&o Canal (dc) 2006 EFL District of Columbia PDF icon dc-stp-3103_2-c-tabulation-of-bid.pdf, PDF icon de-0014-tabulation-of-bid.pdf, PDF icon nacc-11(5).pdf, PDF icon erfo-grsm-504_2 bid-tabulation.pdf, PDF icon erfo-jsr-10_1-tabulation-of-bids.pdf
CO RRP BRPA 10(1) Wildlife Drive - Browns Park NWR 2006 CFL Colorado PDF icon brownsa.pdf, PDF icon browns-x.pdf
CO PFH 81-1(2) Tarryall Creek Road 2006 CFL Colorado PDF icon tarryalla.pdf, PDF icon tarryallb.pdf
PRA-BLRI 2G12 Blue Ridge Parkway Bridge Over Sims Creek 2006 EFL North Carolina PDF icon blri_2g12.pdf
MT OMAD 18(39) Minuteman Missile Base Roads 2006 WFL Montana PDF icon mt-omad-18(39).pdf
CA PFH 149-1(2a) Mad River Road (Slide Repair) 2006 CFL California PDF icon madriver.pdf
NE OMAD 36(35) & CO OMAD 300(51) Minuteman Missile Access Roads 2006 CFL Nebraska PDF icon omad-a.pdf, PDF icon omad-1.pdf, PDF icon omad-2.pdf, PDF icon omad-3.pdf
HI A-AD/STP 6(3) & 200(1) Saddle Road 2006 CFL Hawaii PDF icon saddle-a.pdf, PDF icon saddle-o.pdf
NM PFH 12-1(6) Cuba LaCueva 2006 CFL New Mexico
BISO 150(1) - 913(1) - 914(1) Resurfacing Of Leatherwood Ford Rd From Park Ent. To Rd Gate And Of Two 2006 EFL Tennessee PDF icon biso-150_1-bid-tabulation.pdf
MT RRP MELA 900(1) Medicine Lake Headquarters Parking Area - Schedule A 2006 WFL Montana PDF icon mt-rrp-mela-900(1)-b.pdf
WA PRA-MORA 100(1) Minor Bridge Repairs - Schedule A 2005 WFL Washington PDF icon wa-pra-mora-100(1).pdf