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Bid Tabulations

Bid tabulations show the amount bid by each bidder for each pay item in a contract. They are posted as soon as the Contracting Officer certifies that a bid tab accurately reflects the bids received and publicly opened. Fiscal years run from October 1 through September 30 of the following year. So, for example, FY 2016 runs from October 1, 2015 through September 30, 2016. Click on a link below to view details for a specific contract.

Project Number Project Namesort ascending Fiscal Year Division State Bid Tabulation Documents
Pavement Preservation North Dakota
MN NPS PRES 15(1) Pavement Preservation Minnesota 2016 WFL Minnesota PDF icon mn-nps-pres-15(1).pdf
IA NPS PRES 15(1) Pavement Preservation Iowa 2016 WFL Iowa PDF icon ia-nps-pres-15(1).pdf
IL NPS PRES 15(1) Pavement Preservation Illinois 2016 WFL Illinois PDF icon il-nps-pres-15(1).pdf
HI NPS PP 2019(1) Pavement Preservation Hawaii 2021 WFL Hawaii PDF icon hi-nps-pp-2019-1-2.pdf
MWR PMS WI(2) Pavement Preservation for St. Croix National Scenic Riverway 2015 EFL Wisconsin PDF icon mwr-pms-wi(2).pdf
CA NPS PP DEVA 2016(8) Pavement Preservation Death Valley, Phase I 2018 WFL California PDF icon ca-nps-pp-deva-2016(8).pdf
TX PRA/NPS IMR PRES 1(12) Pavement Preservation 2012 CFL Texas PDF icon certifiedbidtabsschedulea.pdf, PDF icon certifiedbidtabsoptionr.pdf, PDF icon certifiedbidtabsoptionr.pdf, PDF icon certifiedbidtabsoptions.pdf, PDF icon certifiedbidtabsoptiont.pdf, PDF icon certifiedbidtabsoptionv.pdf, PDF icon certifiedbidtabsoptionu.pdf, PDF icon certifiedbidtabsoptionx.pdf, PDF icon certifiedbidtabsoptiony.pdf, PDF icon certifiedbidtabsoptionz.pdf
PRR-10(2) Patuxent Research Refuge 2003 EFL Maryland PDF icon prr-10(2).pdf
RRP-PRR 10(8) Patuxent Research Refuge 2004 EFL Maryland PDF icon patuxent_wildlife_refuge_bailey_bridge.pdf
ERFO-PRR 14(1) - 16(1) Patuxent Research Refuge 2009 EFL Maryland PDF icon erfo_prr_14(1)_16(1).pdf
HPP-PRR 14(2) - 16(2) Patuxent Research Refuge 2011 EFL Maryland PDF icon hpp-prr-14(2)-16(2).pdf
PRA-NATR 3M20 - N14 Parkway Rehabilitation Mp 130 To Mp 150 2009 EFL Mississippi PDF icon a-b_natr_3m20-n14.pdf
RRP-PKR 10(2) Parker River National Wildlife Refuge 2013 EFL Massachusetts PDF icon rrp-pkr-10(2).pdf
AK PRA-DENA 10(15) Park Road, Igloo Canyon and Hogan Creek Crossing Culvert Replacement, Schedule C 2007 WFL Alaska PDF icon ak-pra-dena-10(15)-c.pdf
AK PRA-DENA 10(15) Park Road, Igloo Canyon and Hogan Creek Crossing Culvert Replacement, Schedule B 2007 WFL Alaska PDF icon ak-pra-dena-10(15)-b.pdf
AK PRA-DENA 10(15) Park Road, Igloo Canyon and Hogan Creek Crossing Culvert Replacement, Schedule A 2007 WFL Alaska PDF icon ak-pra-dena-10(15)-a.pdf
AK PRA- DENA 10(18) Park Road, 4 Mile Slump and 4.5 Mile Aufeis Section 2008 WFL Alaska PDF icon ak-pra-dena-10(18).pdf
NPS-CHCH 27(7) Park City Road Stormwater Detention Pond 2009 EFL Georgia PDF icon nps-chch_27(7).pdf
CA BLM 19006(1) Panoche Access Road & Trailhead 2010 CFL California PDF icon cablm19006scha.pdf, PDF icon cablm19006optt.pdf, PDF icon cablm19006optu.pdf, PDF icon cablm19006optv.pdf, PDF icon cablm19006optx.pdf, PDF icon cablm19006opty.pdf, PDF icon cablm19006optz.pdf
OR PFH 146(4) Palmer Junction Road - MP 0.0 TO 15.1 2016 WFL Oregon PDF icon or-pfh-146(4).pdf
CA/NV PRA PRES 2(09) Pacific West Pavement Preservation 2009 CFL California PDF icon pwppa-tabs.pdf, PDF icon pwppw-tabs.pdf, PDF icon pwppx-tabs.pdf, PDF icon pwppy-tabs.pdf, PDF icon pwppz-tabs.pdf
AR ERFO-FSR 400(2) Ozarkst. Francis National Forest 2009 EFL Arkansas PDF icon ar_erfo_400(2).pdf
AR ERFOFSR 400(1) Ozarkst. Francis National Forest 2010 EFL Arkansas PDF icon ar-erfo-fsr-400(1).pdf
AR ERFO FDR 1003(1) Ozarkst. Francis National Forest 2011 EFL Arkansas PDF icon ar-erfo-fdr-1003(1).pdf