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Bid Tabulations

Bid tabulations show the amount bid by each bidder for each pay item in a contract. They are posted as soon as the Contracting Officer certifies that a bid tab accurately reflects the bids received and publicly opened. Fiscal years run from October 1 through September 30 of the following year. So, for example, FY 2016 runs from October 1, 2015 through September 30, 2016. Click on a link below to view details for a specific contract.

Project Number Project Name Fiscal Yearsort descending Division State Bid Tabulation Documents
FW-CRS 110(1) Carolina Sandhills National Wildlife Refuge 2014 EFL South Carolina PDF icon fw-crs-110(1).pdf
AK DEN 2010(3) Tununak Community Streets Schedule B 2014 WFL Alaska PDF icon ak-den-2010(3)-sched-b.pdf
PRA-BAWA 1(2) - 2(2) Baltimore Washington Parkway 2014 EFL Maryland PDF icon pra-bawa-1(2)-2(2).pdf
PRA-NAMA 502(5) National Mall And Memorial Parks 2014 EFL District of Columbia PDF icon pra-nama-502(5).pdf
PRA-NAMA 17(1) National Mall and Memorial Parks 2015 EFL District of Columbia PDF icon pra-nama-17(1).pdf
OR PFH 102(4); OR WASCO 104(1) Cody Road - Wamic Market Grade Reconstruction; Rail Hollow Overlay 2015 WFL Oregon PDF icon or-pfh-102(4)-or-wasco-104(1).pdf
WA NPS MORA 14(8) Nisqually to Paradise, Phase II Utilities 2015 WFL Washington PDF icon wa-nps-mora-14(8).pdf
MT PFH 101(1) West Fork Rock Creek Road Reconstruction 2015 WFL Montana PDF icon mt-pfh-101(1).pdf
MT DOD 13(53) Minuteman Missile Base Roads 2015 WFL Montana PDF icon mt-dod-13(53).pdf
PRA GRSM 1A28 Great Smokey Mountains National Park 2015 EFL Tennessee PDF icon pra-grsm-1a28.pdf
PFH 102-1(002) Nantahala National Forest 2015 EFL North Carolina PDF icon pfh-102-1(002).pdf
MWR PMS WI(2) Pavement Preservation for St. Croix National Scenic Riverway 2015 EFL Wisconsin PDF icon mwr-pms-wi(2).pdf
NC ERFO FSR 2013-1(1) Nantahala NF, Tatham Gap Road Graham 2015 EFL North Carolina PDF icon nc-erfo-fsr-2013-1(1).pdf
AK DOT 135(2) Glenn Highway Chickaloon Bridge 2015 WFL Alaska PDF icon ak-dot-135(2).pdf
PRA-MACA 102(1) Mammoth Cave National Park 2015 EFL Kentucky PDF icon pra-maca-102(1).pdf
WA SKAGIT 40076(1) Hard Creek Bridge Repairs 2015 WFL Washington PDF icon wa-skagit-40076(1).pdf
NP-DEWA 14(17) Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area 2015 EFL Pennsylvania PDF icon np-dewa-14(17).pdf
FW-NLS 10(1) Neal Smith National Wildlife Refuge (2nd Advertisement) 2015 EFL Iowa PDF icon fw-nls-10(1)_2.pdf
MWR PMS WI(1) Apostle Islands National Lakeshore 2015 EFL Wisconsin PDF icon mwr-pms-wi(1).pdf
AZ TR NAV N6461(1) Dennehotso Bridge and Roadway 2015 WFL Arizona PDF icon az-tr-nav-n6461(1).pdf
WA SAN JUAN 18(1) Cattle Point Road Relocation 2015 WFL Washington PDF icon wa-san-juan-18(1).pdf
NJ ERFO DEWA 2011-1(3) Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area 2015 EFL New Jersey PDF icon nj-erfo-dewa-2011-1(3).pdf
NY ERFO FIIS 2013-1(3) Sailors Haven Marina 2015 EFL New York PDF icon ny-erfo-fiis-2013-1(3).pdf
OR PRA CRLA 14(1) Rehabilitate West Rim Drive and East Rim Drive 2015 WFL Oregon PDF icon or-pra-crla-14(1).pdf
PR ERFO FS 2014-1(1) EL Yunque National Forest 2015 EFL Puerto Rico PDF icon pr-erfo-fs-2014-1(1).pdf