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Wyoming Projects

In Development

Project # Project Name Location
WY FLAP CR CN10-285(1) Horse Creek Horse Creek Road Widening and Geometric Improvements Fremont County/Town of Dubois, Wyoming
WY FLAP 407(1), Kortes Road Kortes Road Natrona
WY NPS YELL 14(1) Lewis River Bridge Near Moran
WY FLAP CR CN10-277(1) Wiggins Fork Bridge Replacement Wiggins Fork Bridge Replacement Fremont County, Wyoming

Under Construction

Project # Project Name Location
WY FLAP US 212(9) Beartooth Highway Beartooth Highway (US 212) Park County
WY NPS YELL 10(22) Canyon to Tower, Phase 3 Yellowstone National Park
WY FLAP 30400(1) Gros Ventre Road Teton County
WY NPS YELL 2019(1) Roosevelt Lodge Parking Lot Park County


Project # Project Name Location
WY ERFO 10123(1) & WY ERFO 10138(1) Blind Bull Road & Greys River Road Lincoln County
WY NPS YELL 13(11) East Entrance Road Fishing Bridge to Indian Pond Park, Teton County
WY FTFS 23(5) Louis Lake Road in Shoshone National Forest Fremont County