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Mill Creek Road

Project Description

Mill Creek Road serves as an access point to the Umatilla National Forest, the Wenaha-Tucannon Wilderness Area, and Jubilee Lake.  The route is used by hunters, fisherman, campers, firewood gatherers, snowmobilers and other outdoor recreation enthusiasts.  The route is also used as access to many private residences. The road currently has a graveled surface that gets rough without constant maintenance and also leads to a dust problem in the summer months.

The project proposes paving 2.82 miles of Mill Creek Road from the Oregon State border to Tiger Creek Road.  The road will be paved to the existing road width with a bituminous surface treatment.  It also includes the addition of aggregate base to improve road structure and surface drainage through crown and superelevation improvements.  Turnouts will be constructed where possible in the narrow road width sections to allow for safer opposite direction vehicle passage.  Other drainage problems will be analyzed and improved where possible.  The intent is to keep all work within the existing ROW.  Low cost safety improvements will be analyzed and implemented where possible.

Project Area

Anticipated Timeline

  • Advertise:  Spring 2023
  • Construction: Summer/Fall 2023